For the last time, YES, he handles stairs
And likely he can do it with a better speed-run than you. Or me. Anyway, I've been sick, so I forgot about the lottery, since that's what being sick does to you. However, since someone as cool as slYnki won, I can get back online and actually post it. Congrats to him on winning my weirdest front page post ever!

Oh yeah, and the Lottery thing.

HSH will rule the world.
We already secretly rule the world o.o;

As for The Lottery.... I WIN! HAHA! :p

Thanks POTS and people *goes to post in the lottery topic*
EDIT: Before I go, whaddya mean I handle stairs? <_<;

EDIT2: Oobidy Dooby, scurty.
slinkis can now go up and down stairs obviously.
Everybody loves a slynki!! Everybody loves a slynki!! Congrats on winning.