PFR to the top of the Maw in SP
Insetik 47 posted a small video showing his PFR (plasma - frag -rocket) launch up to the top of the Maw (same place where I blasted MC and a hog back in the day). I have to say, this is quite an accomplishment. Those launches are HARD. I've never had much luck with them, but this guy apparently has it figured out, and it looks like it's on Xbox too (not sure, but I think so). Nicely done.

I love Halo 1 Launches! Good Job to the guy that did this.
I suck at Halo 1 launching. :(
Whats with all the hatin' for halo PC? =\ I know it dont look quite the same and feel the same, but its the same game nevertheless. Its just as hard in one as it is in the other.
That was tight