Three little piggies - again!
In the recent interview that I did with KP at Bungie, I told him that my favorite personal trick was getting three warthogs, a live marine, and MC over to the 'blue hallway' across the shaft in SC. Until VERY recently, no one had ever recreated that trick (that I know of). Yesterday though, BigGruntyThirst posted a video of his recreation of this incredibly difficult trick on Halo PC. His method for getting the last hog and MC over is different than mine (and much easier - I wish I had thought of that), and I wonder if it would work on the xbox. Either way, it's great to watch something like this. Stop by his thread and check it out.

I'm pretty sure it would work on ye olde 'box, though i havent tried it yet. Things are a bit smoother on the xbox than on PC, so I think it would.
Nice one BGT :) :) (deserves two ^_^)
Just to make it official though, that last launch method works just fine on XBOX. Not exactly a T2T method, but its pretty easy to aim and gets you decent distance while keeping you with a bit of health, overshield or not. ^_^
nice work BGT!!!