The HIH "Movie-Intro" Contest
That's right folks. We have another big HIH competition going on. It is time to decide on an official High Impact Halo movie introduction, that can be featured on any videos that are home to our awesome community. You can check out the details, including rules, requirements, prizes, etc. in this thread. You guys have an entire month to give it your best on making the winning introduction. Anyone here with good movie editing skills or photoshop talent should really check it out. The staff wishes all of you guys the best luck on doing the best you can. Now get to work!

This'll be so awesome. I can't wait.

BTW: Your first FP post on teh forums that I remember!. Congrats. :D
Question. If the winning intro is going to be possibly featured on every video here, why not make this a community effort instead of a competition? I can only imagine what the guys in the graphics forum teaming up with some insane editors (Yasha, forevercha0s, Gimmpy, ect. ect.) could do. But hey, not my department. Just thought I'd suggest it.
Well, I made a 3D HIH logo. Maybe I can animate it. :cool: