Community Spotlight: imSuck
Another one of our members has made it into the Community Spotlight over at This time it's imSuck. Congrats!

Congrats! You're guys' movies are always the best. I look foward to more movies from you and your clan in the future. You guys truly have a lot of patience and talent.
Congrats Imsuck. Great interview. Im a fan of your work your videos and everything great. I hope to see more from him.
Congrats imSuck, keep makin the sweet vids.
Sexy Interview. Congrats.

PS. - Eric, Isn't this your first FP Post on the forums? Congrats to you aswell. :P
gratz Suck!
how am i not surprised
woot woot go 'Suck!
NIce 1 Suck keep it up
It was just a matter of time, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Congrats'! You're videos > Other videos
Congrats Bryan, you deserve it man. Keep up all the good work, lovies.

~Ethan (Maker)
Nice imSuck! I wish I could help out in your movies. I tried sending you a friend request but you list is full.

Oh well. I still enjoy watching your movies! Keep making more, but I understand if your production decreases during your trouble with your girlfriend.

By the way, I hope that all works out. Good job imSuck!