Halo 2 Megg found!
After much searching, speculating, and bickering, the Halo 2 Megg has been found and documented. If you have no idea what I'm talking about (or if you just want to see the details), head over to this forum thread for the writeup, including links to HBO where you can see the Halo 1 history of this easter egg. We really wanted to wait for official confirmation of this egg from Bungie, and today that confirmation came, by way of LouisWu at HBO. This was a fun project, and great job to everyone involved.

EDIT: Here is a link to HBO's newpost, containing a few different versions of the media, and a great quote by the creator of this egg. Hm...seems like you guys have some more hunting to do. :) Thanks LouisWu.

I always wondered if there was a Halo 2 one... Well, there is, no more wondering for me :)
finally! just goes to show you halo2 is still alive!
Thanks Duke! Now for that other egg... Do I have your permission to decompile scripts for this one?
Nice!!! I've GOT to try that!!
wow, I never knew about that, I knew about the "M" in a heart of blood in halo 1 but I didnt know about the Meg apperiance in halo 2
wow thats cool looks like they found it again and it only took 2 years.
That seemed uncalled for