Six marines in a pit
Big deal eh? Well, Juggertrout earned himself a double frontpage with this little video. He managed to get six live marines down to the bottom of the AotCR pit. tough. Check it out. Good to see Jugg back in action.

six marines it a pit? Well I don't want to question the mighty leader
Haha. I'm pretty sure he means in.

Anyways, great job to Juggertrout with his double front page! Also... Juggertrout is back! Finally! We need some more of your awesome stuff man.

NEED MOAR JUG. Nice vid, simple idea, but it looked awesome. H1 forever. =)
ha duke fixed it lol i think i deserve a custom title and avatar for pointing that out!!:p since i'll never win the lottery...:(
Congrats on getting front page, this trick was really good :)