They found me...
You try to hide, but somehow the ninjas always track you down. What can I say?

You, you BOSS you! That's twice you have thwarted my news posting today! I'll get even... just you wait... You'll see. Just wait till Friday and I'll post the Lottery Winner! HAHAHA... heh.. eh?

Great interview Duke, it was interesting to learn more about your thoughts on HIH and its future. We love ya man.
Ha Duke they got you :)
Congrats Duke on the interview, I guess. It was great.
I bet he's plotting against you POTs. Silent but deadly. >.>

Congrats on being on's front page. I remember Super Mario Bros, do you remember Minus World? XD
Thats awesome, if anybody deserves an interview on bungie it is you duke, especially since you put so much time into HiH!
One step closer Ducain.... to ruling the world with an iron fist! Then we'll have a cup of coffee to celebrate...
Great interview Ducain. Does it feel weird to all of a sudden be interviewed by one of the greatest gaming companies in the world?
*Ninjas are everywhere.... *

Awesome Job Duke you deserved that interveiw
congratulations Duke! You certainly deserve recognition for all the things you've done. If it were not for you, we would not have this magnificent community that we have today. Think about it, Ducain, you brought tens of thousands of Halo fans together, of people together! You have truly done something incredible.

*clap* *clap**clapclap**clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap**applaaaauuuuussseee*

thats awesome... omg.
Noice Duke. That interview was amazing.

Seirously though, that's awesome. You're a lucky duck, you.

Oh, and you can't hide anything from ninjas. Don't even bother trying, they'll find it anyways. ;)

Bout time they found you too. If anyone deserves a Bungie interview, it's you, Duke. Congrats.
Grats Duke!

On a barely related note, a group of some Hat-Trickers and I ran into Vshields in a Big Team Battle. He joined us for a few games, but he had no mic, and I bet he tired of our shenanigans pretty quickly. It was good, though.
Awesome interview. Also your not the only one who got interviewed.
i want a pool of gold coins to!! yah i plan on playing H3 legendary through then trying some stuff but yah bout the ninjas
we are watching you right now
nice interview
Maybe in Halo 3, grenades won't propel objects, and the jump button will be disabled. :D

Pretty good interview. :cool:
Yes, I remember super mario! Do you remember pong :p

HEY! I should start a pong tricking forum!!! HIP (High Impact Pong)
duke, you're the man! nice interview! i found this site after searching for halo cheats and finding glass's warthog jump video. then i searched for more stuff on warthog jump and this was the first site listed in my search results so i checked it out cuz the name sounded cool and boy, am i glad i did! thanks to your site, my love for halo has been renewed and i play the game everyday because you've given me a totally new way of looking at things. i've spent hours trying to replicate your tricks cuz they're just so dang rad. thank you for all that you do so we can have this little haven where deviation from the norm is not only encouraged, it's even revered. btw, i've been to WV on a whitewater rafting trip on the new river. it was awesome! you should totally try it if you haven't already.
the bungie bros got you...
Haha, that was funny, the flooded inboxes thing would be true I think, lol. Great interview Duke :)
Congrats duke, and thanks for putting so much time into the site. We'll get that T2T, i promise!!

Btw, have you talked to imsuck lately? Go to hollywoodhalo and see and his thread, its a tear jerker
Haha nice! Way to go Duke!

princeofthesword says:

You, you BOSS you! That's twice you have thwarted my news posting today! I'll get even... just you wait... You'll see. Just wait till Friday and I'll post the Lottery Winner! HAHAHA... heh.. eh?

POTS is going to own you Ducain. Nice interview by the way.:)
I was wondering when they would get around to recognizing you. Man am I glad you got this thing started, or else I just might have had a life. :D

grats to ya Duc, u r now renound enough to use the..o wrong game...

but really? im amazed HIH is now so huge BUNGIE!!!!! knows about us!
Well, i would say congradulations, but i think its kind of losing its effect by the tiem you get to this thread, i had no idea middle aged men, with families still played halo...i dont kno if thats inspiring or not......anyway, at least ur not a homeless guy, talk to you later
Sweet.Thanks for the mention also.My site passed about 200 gigs in 3 days.Luckily they just upped my limit to 400 gigs.
Good job man, don't know how you do it though.
Jeez, interviewed by bungie. UR AMAZING!