A changing of the guard
Though a good number of forumites may know this already, I wanted to let everyone know that three of our site admins are signing off for now. Phantom, Stingraid, and MrSprout are going to be stepping down as admins (at least for now). Also, please understand that this isn't happening because of any problems on either side. In fact, I'm very sorry not to have them around the place. The truth is, these three guys are very busy with 'real life' issues, and need to focus on what counts.

That being said, I doubt that I could adequately thank these guys for the untold scores of hours of time they put into making this place what it is. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with. If you've been around for any time at all, take a second to respond to this news item and give em all a quick 'thank you'. They've earned it.

Well, we all have to deal with our problems someday, and your work here is greatly appreciated. I sincerely hope you sort your problems out, and can hopefully return to HIH afterwards.
as boon said, we all will have "real" issues to face sooner or later.

sad to see them go, they will be missed.

good luck guys! thanks for all you did!
wow, 3 at once....that hurts :(

you guys have been a great inspiration to us 'regulars'

good luck in the real world guys - (i've been there.....it's not all it's hyped-up to be)
Three of our finest.
You'll be missed but your contributions will never be fogotten.
Thank you all.
Thank you all for making this site an awesome one that has been a help to so many people. I hope to see you guys back soon.
Good luck to you all <3 And thank you very much for your services, I and HIH, will miss you dearly.

I tried to say that without sounding gay, but I didn't pull it off :)
we appreciate everything you've done here, all three of you will be missed.
:( I'll miss you guys. Don't leave the community completely, ok?
Oh well. I hope you guys work out your problems in real life. That's what counts the most.

<3 Stingraid, MrSprout, and Phantom.

{NL} Boonmaster says:

Well, we all have to deal with our problems someday, and your work here is greatly appreciated. I sincerely hope you sort your problems out, and can hopefully return to HIH afterwards.

Um...they're not 'sorting out problems'. They're dealing with the busyness of life.

you,ll be missed

thanks for everything
Yeah guys they are just really busy, and need some time off from the internet, and everything they do around here. They just want a break from all of the responsiblities so they can do stuff outside of the halo world. But they did say they will be hanging around, and should stop in once in a while.:)
You've all done a lot of great things for HIH, and I hope to see you doing it again soon.

Ducain says:

Um...they're not 'sorting out problems'. They're dealing with the busyness of life.


I understand this, but they are is busyness not a problem? I did not really mean it like that, I just basically said "Thank you for your efforts, hope to see you back soon". These 3 guys improving their state of life can't hurt.
I love you all. <3<3<3<3 Have frun in the non internet world. You have kept these forums Sexy.
Man, sorry you guys have to go. Thanks for all you guys have done, I appreciate it. Will they be returning, or is this it.
it'll definately be different without you guys here.

I've played with all three of them on xbox live at one time or the other.
I have been here for a very very long time "almost 2 years" and i've seen mods and admins come and go. These guys were definately some of the best.
3 at once? This seems like an underground plot to destroy HiH...
You guys will be missed. Good luck, and hope to see you back soon.
- Sly :(
That kinda sucks, but I understand. Thanks Stingy, Phantom, and Sprout. You guys are awesome. :D
You will be missed. Goodbye :'(
good luck with everything you guys try in life, you'll be missed.

have fun, and take it easy.
Though I didn't really know you guys, I still heartily thank you for all the time and effort you put into this site. It's probably true to say that without you guys, HIH wouldn't be half as successful as it is today. Hopefully you'll keep popping in occasionally and seeing what we're getting up to. Good luck, and keep tricking!
Man, this is a sad day. I do hope you guys come back when business starts up.

Tribute video, mb?

Keep on keepin' on, guys.

Ohhh no. Phantom who's going to clean up after Duke's mistakes! jk Ducain;) but I will miss you all so much you all were very cool people:cool: . Cya l8er and good luck with your troubles.:D

Keep It Mello
hey thanks guys especially sprout for the afiliate of halokit.com over at halopatch. so a big thankyou from me and the rest of the halokit staff and comunity.

I know that all three have dedicated a lot of their time to this site, and that they will sorely be missed.
Thanks guys. I don't know you really well, and you don't know me, but if Duke says you deserve it, then you deffinitly do. This site rocks, thanks.:D
Hmm you cn't edit ur post? Anyway here is an inspirational quote for you guys:

"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action."

Can't wait till you guys are back.

Yep, Duke. They've earned it. Hopefully, Stingraid will still have time to help out in Rockets on Prisoner? *pleading*
Thanks guys, you rule!
Wow, it's been a few hours and i am still shock, hope everything goes well guys, you will be missed by many, the job you guys do is amazing, and i know there are a lot of things that no one gets to see that you guys do, this is not a happy day in Halo land. :(

Best of luck: Johnintoit
man this sucks :(
Sting is going? Who will we blame now? J/k, don't hurt me.
This is....well, if I said a shame, it could come across as a rude remark. As that is not my intention, I will try to think of a better word.....this is a...sad occasion? Aye, I will go with that. Thank you so much you guys, I appreciated all you did to keep this place under control.:) It is sad to see you go however.:( Regaurdless, you all have my best wishes. You all take care, ya here?
I realize how hard it can be to step down so I know these guys thought long and hard about it and I'm sure they've made the right decision.

Good Luck in the real world dudes
Thanks for helping with everything guys, it's sad yet good to see someone give up something for another thing more important. :)
thanks guys, I've been here for a while, and if it wern't for all the hard work you guys have put into the site, many of us would have stopped comeing here. this is my home on the internet and it has benifited greatly because of all the effort put in by people who arn't even getting paid for it(or so I'm lead to belive).

agan, thanks, I hope to see you again.
Thanks Stingraid, Phantom, & MrSprout for your devotion and hard work. Good luck to y'all!
Man, so much stuff has been acomplished by you guys here. The TRS, safe forums, less spam, and new friends. I wish you a good life, and hope to see you all back soon.
You guys have done so much for us :(
We will miss you and never forget you.

Good Luck and I hope you visit back soon. ;)

Thanks for all the help over the years as well as all the hours you've put into this community.
Thanks for all of your help guys! I'll miss your input and collaborative thought to help HIH. I'm sure we're all awaiting your return. Good luck with your life issues.

Thanks guys

thanks guys. You guys have all done very good here at HIH, and good luck with watever :)
I've been around on HIH since the forums first opened. I'm very sad to here you 3 are leaving. I give you my best of wishes and hope that whatever problems you have, are solved and that you come back to us ASAP!
thanks a lot guys... too bad to see you leave...
<3 you all!
Terminator says:

Sting is going? Who will we blame now? J/k, don't hurt me.

lol i thought i was gonna have to be the first to say that..(jk dont hurt me either :(). I never really got to know you guys but its still sad to see people leave the community. GL in rl though.
I knew about the Phantom stepping down. But Stingraid and MrSprout I did not. This saddens me :(

I wish you three the best in what you're stepping down from to do.

God speed, and you better be around to trick for Halo 3. I know Phantom will want to watch me online through my Capture Card doing tricks...mostly dying *inside moment between us before he had any power here*


<3 we love you! have a good time in the, uh, what was it, "real world"?
I (and I hope we) appreciate all of the things you have done to help keep this site running, and I fully understand where your priorities are, and they are as they should be...

Good night, and good luck.
i hope you guys have fun outside HiH, Thanks Sting For all you have done for halo an HiH, Have fun with your Gf
Thanks for all you've done in building up this community, I'm sure we all appreciate your hard work. Take care, hope whatever problems you have gets resolved quickly :)
Thanks for everything you've done for us guys, have fun going back to real life.
Well frikin A. Im sorry to see you guys go. We have such an awesome admin team, it sucks that its gettin thinner. Im not owrried though. Once you get things sorted out in RL (yeah i said it), youll be back. Well be waiting for you.


The Streetlight is always on.
A big thanks to all you guys. I know you guys were involved in the rebirth of High Speed Halo, so thanks a tonne for that. I also appreciate all the work you people have done around this forum. It looks fantastic, it's clean, it's cool looking, the features are awesome.... The amount of time this must have taken.... damn. I hope to see you guys around, but not until after you've all sorted out what you need to sort out in the real life. Maybe I'll catch you guys when Halo 3 comes out.

Peace =o
Whoops, double post, but I just remembered what I forgot to post (how dare this News place not have an edit button XD!). I was going to say, the forum will still be here when you guys return. It just might be a little more firey, and a little more limp corpses will be lying everywhere than usual.... But all that aside, it'll be waiting. Oh my god, Six Flags just popped up on my playlist *dances*
Garrr! We cant blame Stingraid anymore. =\
And goodbye to MrSprout, mty fellow Hooch-Master. =)
I was tricking with these guys at the start. I haven't been around much lately, but I can tell that they will be missed by those who have been around.
Thanks for makin this place the uber tricking website it is :D
Ducain don't you think about leaving too, or we'll have to hunt you down and drag you back to the HIH server room, and tie you up to a chair with a keyboard and mouse!
<1 You guys will be missed.