Warning: Graphic Content
You know that database of avatars that you guys use to select your avas from? Well it's about to get bigger. HIH is having an avatar contest to expand our library of Halo/HIH related avas for you to choose from to satisfy your forum needs of recognition. You've got two weeks to submit your entry, so what are you waiting for? Get over here, read the rules, and start making those new avatars! Good luck!

This is awesome. We still will have all of the old Avatars too, right?
I like my Avatar and don't really want to have to change it.
This is so kewl, I love making animations.:D :D The only thing is...I don't know how to meet the requirements so easily. I can make an animation, the use free transform to make the "image" smaller, but it doesn't keep the whole thing...just the part that was within the square.:( And the only way I know of making images smaller in size is by reducing its colors....
Can any one help me out here? My idea was use the marque (Spelling?) tool to make an apropiate size square, the fill it with the animation. But I can't try it for a few days, and I am more than a noob at photoshop.
As far as I know we're just adding to the database instead of switching them, but I could be wrong.

And Term, you may want to ask in Graphics, they should be able to give you some better answers. :)
You're about 6 months late but okey...yey