Adventures in Jumping Mayhem
The Jump Mayhem gang bring you a spectacular jumping video packed to the brim with coolness. I'm not a jumper but if you're like me and are a fan of incredible stunts, you can't miss this.

Even though this is a large vid, aside from a few odd moments at the beginning you'll find that this is just chock-full of stuff and is non-stop talent at work. Following some suggestions from the "Bigger is NOT better" topic, the guys kindly give you a lo-res version that's quite digestible and yet still has fantastic quality. Take a note folks, since large videos like this are going to be scrutinized more and more as we try out new stuff here at HIH. Streamline your stuff but keep it cool, and start making lo-res versions to give your viewers an option between 25 MB and 250 MB.

Great jumping guys, fantastic vid.
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