Galleries O' Plenty
Though more tweaking is still in order, the bulk of what we've been working on for the past week or so is now complete. Check out this page (viewable by clicking on the new link in the nav area on the left) to see what we've been doing.

A couple of guys have been taking some amazing Halo 2 screenshots, and we've assembled the results into a couple of galleries. Also, you'll notice our wallpaper gallery has been ported over.

The galleries are the result of some custom php code written by a couple of our guys, and integrated into the forum. We'll be bringing you more of this soon, as well as giving you a chance to contribute. For now though, enjoy the images. :)

very cool stuff ducy i was wondering if we would get one of these

That's pretty secksay if I do say so myself.

Yay. I Have o Idea at all what you said,(Me=Confused) but YAY!!
I am a little confused too, but I get it for the most part. Anyway, I would be happy to take some cool screenshots for you guys if you would like
They're so pretty, and so shinny!
Very sexy.

Although I'm not a big fan of this theme, I have to say its all looking very, very good so far!
Sick Ducain, excellent work. Is writing custom phpBB code hard? I'd love to contribute.

And speaking of contributing, if you need anybody to say, spruce up some icons or something, I'd love to help. Does any of the code provide for interchangeable images?


And just a bit of a suggestion to MrSprout and Sorhan. Might went to decrese the FOV in the screencap trainer so we dont get the "Fish eye lens" effect (Curvy effect) And I think it may make image stitching easier.
whoa HiH ice sculptures are orgasmic! O.O
Nice Pictures Ducain. I like them.:D