HIH 4v4 Tourney
A few days ago, Nugwin announced that he and a few guys were attempting to put together a small 4vs4 tourney for HIH members. Things like this are fairly difficult to get together, do drop by and lend a hand. I've added a VERY small prize for the winning team members, and hopefully some other cool (but inexpensive stuff) can be donated. If you are a decent graphics guy, check out my prize and see if you'd be willing to provide some nice imagery for these fellows. Good luck guys!

Sounds cool... I can donate a few 2Months... not like they'll do anyone with a 360 any good though >.>
I am a decent graphics person but what do you mean. do you want me to make a video because i dont have a cap card. so if you need anything else contact me at spartan117sean@gmail.com becuase i will not be home for 2 days but i have accsess to gmail from public places:p
I'm willing to make a avatar for any winner! I wish I could play, but I don't have live, so that's how I hope I can help out. PM me if you need any type of help.
Thanks Ducain for donating a prize.
Wait. Wo. You are giving the winners sigs?! Wow. Now I really wish I hadn't cancelled my live subscription! I'm still glad to help though.
This sounds cool i wana be in it but when where and how do we sign up. if you could tell me plz and when the sign up date ends and starts that would be great just tell me everything i need to know to sign up! that would be great if u could ducain! ~th3 CrazyMidg3t
THis is for me....
I wish I still played Halo
What if my team wins can I have 2 avatars? :)
Im a Profeshional Media Designer, and I would love to through something in.
I would be happy to do ANY graphics you want Ducain. I have Photoshop 7.0 and am rather good at it. Avatars are very easy for me to do with JASC animation shop and my uncanny ability to save a small file at high quality with low file size should be of great use.
I would like to a part of this but do not have LIVE :(